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Kuluthum Nabunya took too long to find a soulmate – Sheikh Abdul Ramadan Sserunjogi

For those who thought that the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte’s widow Kuluthum Nabunya hurried to find a new soulmate, take a chill pill.

The latest update from the main Sheikh of their home in Magere, Sheikh Abdul Ramadan Sserunjogi just disclosed that Kuluthun even took too long to find a new soulmate.

Sheikh Abdul Ramadan Sserunjogi who joined Kuluthum Nabunya and her new catch Akram Gumisiriza as a couple, explained that as Moslems their religion allows someone who has lost a lover to spend only 130 days (4months) while still single.

When that period elapses, they are totally free to mingle with any individual of their choice that one gets to appreciate and latter also hold marital ceremonies.

In this case, he explained that Kuluthum didn’t commit any offense to introduce Akram to her parents as he stated that she had even taken too long without showing someone she loves.

He went on to state that Kuluthum is even free to host and conduct bedroom duties in the late Sheikh Muzaata Batte’s house since the late will never return to earth based on the fact that she is the one in control of most of the property Muzaata left behind.


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