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Laika Music: If Music Was All About Beauty, I Would Be The Most Booked Artist

Performing and recording artist Laika Music is of the school of thought that if music was all about beauty, she would be the most booked artist at the moment.

The struggling new kid on the block has however found the music industry to be a little bit hard and difficult since she is not where she thought she would be for the years she has been active.

For starters, Laika Music has been in the industry for now close to three years but we are sure that some of you have just got to know her lately.

She has churned out a couple of songs ever since she decided to do active music and one of her most popular jams is “Overdose” but the public seems not to recognize her even though they love the song very much.

While appearing at Galaxy FM for an interview, Laika Music stressed that being beautiful and sexy is not enough for one to become a star and an established artist.

She noted that one has to invest in a lot of studio work even when they are talented or poses bags of money.

“If being beautiful was enough, I would have been the most booked musician in the country because I have the talent and music. But I have really struggled to make it to the top and up to now I am not yet where I want to be,” she said

She has recently put more effort into promoting her music. She started going to media houses and even doing some TikTok challenges that have pushed her.

For the taste of time, she has been here, Laika Music says being a successful musician doesn’t even base on the beauty of someone.

She said she is very beautiful with everything men could be looking for. However, she doesn’t even get more bookings over the weekends.

She concluded by stating that she wishes music was all about beauty, some countries would be nominated for the Grammy Awards each year.


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