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Laika Trashes Rumors of Having Romantic Affairs With Harmonize

Up-and-rising singer Laika Music has refuted rumors suggesting that she slept with Tanzanian Bongo flavor singer Harmonize.

The rumors suggest that the rumors happened when Laika traveled to Tanzania last month alongside fellow Ugandan musicians, Mudra and Ava Peace.

Together, the trio met up with the Konde Gang boss for some business meetings. However, for Laika, it seemed like it went beyond business and got intimate.

The Nzunno singer appeared in very raunchy photos and videos with the Single singer. They were all touchy and lovey-dovey. Furthermore, they even displayed similar tattoos they both had gotten inked onto their necks.

As soon as these photos and videos landed on Ugandan social media, netizens started ‘cutting word.’ They were sure that the Tanzanian singer had tasted the “Ugandan water” he once sang about in his Kokonyo song with another Ugandan singer, Spice Diana.

While appearing on Galaxy TV’s Deep Talk with Mr Henrie, the gorgeous and upcoming singer was asked about these allegations. She immediately denied having anything intimate to do with Harmonize.

She described him as a very respectful man. And their meeting was strictly business and nothing more.

Additionally, she said that he’s a very rich and famous man who can get any woman he wants but it wasn’t the case between them.

“There are very respectful men and I can gladly say that Harmonize is one of them. Our meeting was strictly business and nothing more. He is a very rich man who can get any lady he wants. He wouldn’t waste his time on me playing hide and seek. And well it wasn’t even our intention. Every day he sees very gorgeous women on video shoots and there is nothing new to him,” she said.

She, however, didn’t reveal the nature of their business. It’s not clear whether the former Wasafi Records singer is trying to venture into the Ugandan industry by signing some singers.

It’s no secret however that the Tanzanian singer is a ladies’ man. He’s been in a couple of relationships including a divorce from his Italian wife.


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