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Language barrier gets Hassan Ndugga remanded in South Africa prison

Kadongo Kamu singer Hassan Ndugga was last week Tuesday remanded again due to the language barrier problems between him and the lawyer that was hired.

While appearing in court for his case hearing, Hassan Ndugga failed to connect well with his lawyer who was hired by promoter Ice International to get him bailed out.

He was remanded till Friday 17th December for his third case hearing and that is when it will be determined whether he will be set free or deported back to Uganda.

The lawyer was hired at 15,000 South African Rands and he was paid 10k with the contract stating that when he is out that is when his payment will be completed.

The “Ebintu Bizibu” singer was arrested for having expired travel papers that were not permitting him to extend his stay in South Africa.

For now, we wait for the results from court on Friday this week. We hope he gets freed.

The interview was conducted by Radio Simba’s Kakalamu.

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