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Late sheikh Muzaata’s widow Kuluthum Nabunya snatches Tasha’s husband

A lady only identified as Tasha was left weeping crocodile tears following reports that indicated how late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte’s widow Kuluthum Nabunya had snatched her husband, Akram.

The two (Kuluthum and Akram) went on and held a highly secretive traditional marital function that joined the pair as a couple.

When Tasha crossed paths with the video of Akram being introduced to Kuluthum Nabunya’s parents, she lamented of her money worth Shs20m that was wasted on the function.

She therefore called upon Akram to pay back her money in order to leave him to enjoy his new relationship with Nabunya Muzaata.

When Nabunya was asked about the allegations of snatching Tasha’s husband, she confirmed having Akram under her docket and disclosed how they’re enjoying romance.

During the interview, Akram denied having used Tasha’s Shs20m to get introduced to Kuluthum Nabunya’s parents stating that the money he used was way too much than just the reported amount.

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