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Life was harsh to me before I left Uganda – Margla Da Raggamuffin Gyal

Heavily ballooned veteran dancehall singer Maria Gladys Namuleme alias Magla Da Raggamuffin Gyal, revealed that before she jet out of Uganda life was terribly very harsh to her.

To prove that she was really struggling to keep up with fame, Magla Da Raggamuffin had to run out of the limelight and seek refugee in the ghettos of Bakuli.

During her stay in the slums of Bakuli, that is when she got the idea of relocating out of Uganda to Germany where she is currently based a decision she doesn’t regret taking.

She further narrated that most of the celebrities ordinary Ugandan admire live in pretense and fake standards just to keep up the celebrity status whereby in reality they are struggling with a lot of debts, depression, and other challenges.

I need you to know that before I left Uganda life squeezed me to the wall. You guys, most of the celebrities you see that side leave in pretense just to keep up with the status but when in real life things are tough and tight.

Life gets tough on them without anyone to open up to. I reached the extent whereby I even shifted to the slums of Bakuli and that is where my hideout was. While putting up in those slums that’s when I took bold steps and decided to jet out of Uganda and sketch life elsewhere.

Margla Da Raggamuffin gyal

She concluded her speech with motivating words to those who are stranded and lack things to do to chase for visas and leave the country. She adds that even though one is turned down on the first attempt not to give up but to keep on trying again and again till they are successful in their dreams.

Margla who is expecting to welcome her second child either early next year, a baby girl went on stress how Uganda terribly changed to the extent that even those who are learned with University degrees lack what to do with most of them in a hustle for the hunt of jobs.

Check out her full speech in the video below.

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