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Listen To Promising Artist Black Diamond’s “Taaba” Song

Rising singer Black Diamond has shared the audio version of his track that he released recently dubbed “Taaba”.

Black Diamond is a promising rising star who has been in the game for some time and looks forward to bringing a different vibe to the music industry.

He has songs under his belt that include Alina Enene, Nsukunda, and Abatalina Ndongo among others.

He has worked with musicians like Ziza Bafana, and Buchaman and anticipates working with several other top artists as he fancies to rise through the ranks.

Black Diamond dreams of being one of the most booked and top-ranking artists in the region.

He believes his dream will come true since the world has greatly improved in terms of technology. Let’s see what Black Diamond has to bring to the industry

Check out the song that he last released in the YouTube link below;


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