Home Music News Listen to Yesse Oman Rafiki’s “Ebaluwa Ya Kampala”

Listen to Yesse Oman Rafiki’s “Ebaluwa Ya Kampala”

Listen to Yesse Oman Rafiki’s “Ebaluwa Ya Kampala”

Through midway last month, Route Entertainment boss Joshua Kiberu alias Yesse Oman Rafiki released his 2022 single dubbed “Ebaluwa Ye Kampala”.

The song is off his National ID album that he released midway 2021.

Ebaluwa Ya Kampala can be translated to English to mean “A Letter To Kampala” a track where he calls for cleanliness in the capital city center of Uganda.

He dropped the track based on a true story of how Kampala looks and explained how various events take shape in the city that he wished somethings could change.

“This song is an explanation of Kampala based on the various life experiences in the city.it explains the understanding of Kampala by its citizen. we are all representatives of this great Kampala city”, Yesse Oman Rafiki

He went on to relay his musical art and talent on the song sharing how he would love the city to look.

The was produced by Eli Arkhis at ROUTE ENTERTAINMENT studios. The sweet and magical thumb piano was played by Giovani kiyingi whereas the video was recorded and directed by Allan Sonja. The lyrics where written by Yese Oman Rafiki.

Take a look at the video below;


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