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Mama Fina withdraws support from Ronald Alimpa after insulting his mother

President for traditional healers Sofia Namutebi Sylvia alias Mama Fina has decided to withdraw all her support that she has been rendering to ailing singer Ronald Alimpa.

Mama Fina reached the decision after reports spread disclosing that Ronald Alimpa had abused and stopped his mother from taking care of him while still in his sick bed.

The reason why Ronald Alimpa furiously abused and insulted his mother, is because she tried stopping his friends from bringing him toxic substances into the hospital.

Following the above statement, the ”Sean Don” singer lost his cool and used uncouth language toward his mother plus telling her so many obscene words.

Mama Fina has since urged Ronald Alimpa to apologize to his mother because what he did to her was uncouth.

Based on the voice notes spread online, Alimpa called his mother useless.

After being chased, the mother was recorded saying that she is no longer going to get involved in her son’s affairs and that she hopes he doesn’t look for her again.

Mama Fina concurred with the decision Alimpa’s mother took, and said that she will only want to associate with him after apologizing.

“I’ve decided to leave Alimpa alone so that when he realizes that his mother is important, he may look for her. Whether it’s too dark or too light, no matter how tough life gets, a mother is a child’s greatest hero. So, at this time, if Alimpa decides to abuse his mother and embarrass her and turn her into something useless, yet Mama Fina is also a mother, it makes me look like I’m betraying a fellow woman,” Mama Fina said.

“If it wasn’t for drugs, Alimpa may not have abused his mother. Because I found them in the hospital, and the mother [and her colleagues] were the ones lifting him… But now that you’re getting better, Alimpa you’re abusing your mother?” she wondered.

“And you chase her like that! I talked to her and she didn’t even have what to eat. Alimpa is there enjoying life but the mother has nothing to eat… He will have to apologize to his mother… I have told doctors to keep treating him because I had paid most of the bills… Alimpa, let’s leave you,… We love you but let’s first leave you.”

Ronald Alimpa broke through the mainstream music industry after his song African Weather, known by many as Olusuku Lwa Cement, became a hit at the start of this year.

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