Home News Martha Kay Reveals How Kenyan Man Tricked And Used Her

Martha Kay Reveals How Kenyan Man Tricked And Used Her

Media personality and socialite Martha Kay has come out to reveal how a Kenyan man tricked and used her.

Taking to her Instagram page, the beauty said that this man made her spend on herself using her own money.

Apparently, he told her to buy gifts and use her own money on herself. These were not the man’s gifts but just hers. This man had promised to refund her the following day. Shockingly he has never shown up ever again since he tricked her into doing this.

“I need to tell you guys a story about how this Kenyan man tricked me into buying gifts and spending on myself under the lie that he would pay back “the next day” Until today,” said Martha Kay.

It should be recalled that Martha was very sick at the start of the year. In fact, she spent a couple of months hospitalized at Agha Khan Hospital in Kenya

Perhaps it is where this man found her and recorded a win for the boy child. What she didn’t reveal is however if this man got to have a taste of the Ugandan water she carries around every day.


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