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Maureen Kabasita’s home broke in by Captain Kasami’s security, make off with all valuables

Singer Maureen Kabasita’s home was broke in by Captain John Kasami’s security and took almost everything that he allegedly bought her plus other valuables.

Captain John Kasami’s security broke Maureen Kabasita’s home on Monday and swept it clean packing furniture from beds (5), living room sofa set, Television sets (2), and the cupboard with its utensils.

The only thing that she was left with is the wooden dinning table whereas the glass dinning table was smashed into small pieces.

This happened at around 11 am when Maureen Kabasita had gone to town to meet her lawyers and other big wigs who would assist her on the child custody scandal that she is involved in with her baby dad Captain Kasami.

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During the act of Captain Kasami’s security packing Maureen Kabasita’s belongings, her sister found them as she had brought children home to spend their Christmas holiday with her but arrived when the situation had gone out of hand.

The neighbors where eye-witnesses of how everything went down and some explained in an interview with former NTV news reporter Dean Lubowa Saava.

Maureen Kabasita further disclosed that this happened on the back of a couple of threats that she has been receiving from her baby daddy.


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