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Maurice Kirya opens up about breaking up with Dutch lover, Lisa

Celebrated Afro-soul singer-songwriter and guitarist Maurice Kirya has opened up about his break-up with ex Dutch lover Lisa. 

The pair who are currently co-parenting disclosed that the two are making a year since each moved separate ways.

The ‘Busaabala’ hit singer made the revelation through his Twitter handle saying they are still great friends.

Maurice Kirya and Lisa welcomed their daughter three years ago.

They’ve since made sure they are the best versions of themselves and dream parents to the little one despite their relationship not living to the predicted expectations.

In an emotional message shared on his social media platforms, Kirya has maintained they are still friends with his ex lover and love will prevail.

“It’s already been over a year since we mutually separated. We’ve learned how to co-parent and are doing a great job at it. Our friendship will always remain, as will the undeniable bond we have as the parents to our dear daughter. Love, always”.


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