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Media Personality Sharitah Mazzi Mawanvu Announces The Arrival of Her New Bundle of Joy

Renowned media personality Sharitah Namusoke Mutawe a.k.a Mazzi Mawanvu and his husband Jeff Kaweesa have at last announced the arrival of their new bundle of joy. 

The delighted “Emikoolo Ne Mbagga” Delta TV presenter shared the news of the arrival of their first child via her Instagram account.

The couple who held their traditional marital ceremony in October 2021 welcomed a bouncy baby girl in their marital home.

Based on her posts on social media, the Super FM and Delta TV presenter who gave birth three days ago thanked the doctors who took proper and good care of her during the period of giving birth. 


She safely gave birth at the Mulago Specialist Women’s and Neonatal Hospital located in Kampala city.

Sharitah further gave an update about her and her 4.5kgs baby girl saying they are doing well and in fine health condition.

The newborn has been christened Princess “Wadelynn Joy Nakigozi”

“So brown, so tall,4.5kgs, very very beautiful, lots of hair on the head, calm, quiet, and peaceful is the perfect description of 3-day-old Princess Wadelynn Joy Nakigozi the latest addition to the Fumbe clan. How can I say thank you Lord for this bundle of Joy? Special thanks to Mulago Specialist Women’s and neonatal hospital, the care you have shown me was more than extreme. Thank you, Lord, thank you, Jesus, thank you Allah, and thank you Daddy Jeff Kaweesa for being the best husband in the whole world. God knew the kind of man I needed when he brought you back into my life. Yours truly the freshest Nakawere around town Sharitah Mazzi Mawanvu mummy Wadelynn ha ha haaa.”, Sharitah Mazzi Mawanvu Mutawe 


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