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Meet Adriano Durtics An Online Music Promoter And Social Media Expert

Lately, Uganda has a lot of youths who are taking trouble empowering themselves in the technological world.

Several of them are earning quite an admirable living out of it through various ways that are quite interesting to invest in and learn.

Today, we bring you the youthful and budding young online guru born and bred in Masaka, Uganda, and goes by the botanical name Ssekalaala Adrian, better known by the business name Adriano Durtics.

Adriano Duritics has varsity knowledge in online dealings most especially in internet marketing services.

He is located in the areas of Luwafu Road, Makindye, Kampala, Uganda.

Just to link you up to the services that he provides include the following;

●Music Distributor, Online song lyrics Publisher.
●Facebook (Followers, Likes, Video views, and Verification (Blue Tik)
●Instagram (Followers, Likes, Video views, and Verification (Blue Tik)
●Tik Tok (Followers, Likes, Video views, and Verification (Blue Tik), and
●YouTube (Subscribers, Likes, Comments, Video views, Channel customizing, branding, monetizing, and verification (Official Artist Channel)

He has so far helped a number of renowned celebrities get verified on their social media pages like Facebook and Instagram and the list of the public figures he helped is here below.

People I verified Kapa Cat’s Facebook and Instagram
Marry Bata’s Facebook
Mikie Wine’s Facebook
Os Suuna’s Facebook
Leila Kalanzi Kachapizo’s Facebook
Shøp3 an artist from America

The list of public figures he has helped get verified is also still growing as many of them are in his inbox requesting to be assisted to accumulate numbers.


Adriano Durtics was born on December – 05 – 2002 in Makasa, Uganda.

He grew up in Kifamba, Rakai District where he was raised by his parents Mrs. Nabuuma Teopista and Mr. Mubiru Fred.

Early life and education

Adriano Durtics attended St Nicholas Mannya primary school for his primary level and St Bernards Mannya Senior Secondary school for his secondary level.

Musical career

In 2020 Adriano Durtics launched his solo musical career coming up with his first single titled “Mulungi”.

Studio albums Title and Details Sakala Boy Released: 2021

Label: Ei Town Media Formats: Digital download and streaming Discography Mulungi (2020) Maama (2020) Bomboclat (2020) Kamufeese (2021) Gwe Abireeta (2022)


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