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Meet Passionate Singer Syke Who Is Looking To Take The World By The Storm

Music has become more than just a journey that’s led to self-discovery and personal development. it has also become a lifestyle.

Having started my musical adventure at the age of 16 in 2012, I have always sought to become the best that I can possibly be.

My competitive nature shaped my hunger for the art, but what came next I could never have predicted.

In exploring all that music has had to offer, I have grown my spirit and mind beyond comprehension, and I have been blessed to experience the hardships that accompany the struggle to find oneself.

In the entanglement of desire and passion, I have dedicated myself to expressing the essence of my understanding through art.

Having performed across different provinces in South Africa and having graced the stage with some of the most prolific national artists, I have seen firsthand the potential of music to touch the souls and hearts of those who listen.

After completing my postgraduate year at the University of Witwatersrand in 2020, I have also educated myself in more ways than one.

Running the biggest entertainment society of my university during my final undergrad year I gained practical experience in the formalities of the entertainment industry, carrying the society’s best interests as the chairperson.

I had the chance to interact with artists of different specialties in different fields and I have learned to incorporate the lessons learned along the way in the music I write and perform.

More so than anything else, I relish the opportunity to prove to myself that hard work pays off, regardless of how much one has struggled there is always a brighter ending for those who work through the pain and don’t give up.


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