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Meet Singer and Songwriter Silas Roselo, Biography, Age, And Music

The full name of Silas Roselo is Otim Silas Roselo. He is a singer-songwriter and activist. He entered the music industry in 2020 when he dropped a hit song titled “JUNGLE ” for the love of music lovers.

The song later went on to become number one on the Afrocharts’ most streamed songs in Uganda.

Early Life & Education

Silas Roselo was born on the 3rd of February, 1990, in Ngora District, which falls in the Nothern geopolitical zone of Uganda.

He grew up in Ngora District, where he had both his primary and secondary school education. He went further to a university in Ngora, where he obtained his Bachelor’s in music certificate.


Silas Roselo started his music career in 2020. He started by recording live reggae music and sharing it on his Instagram and YouTube.

Due to his Great melodies, he started gaining the attention of many on social media platforms. He is known for performing live music with his band.

In 2022, he became well-known after participating in several music videos with well-known influencers, and video directors.

In 2022, Silas Roselo released an anticipated song titled Emuria, for the love he has for emuria, the song rose to the top of Afrochart Uganda’s charts.

Additionally, it increased his popularity and the number of people who followed him on social media.

Since he is best known for performing live sessions rather than songs, this is actually his debut song.


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