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Meet Skallah Who Hails All The Way From Nigeria

Taribo Kevin Horsfall popularly
known as Skallah and my Port Harcourt
City(Phcity) fans also know me as Skallito or
Litto or Old Skallawee.

I was born on the 14th of July in the beautiful garden
City of Port Harcourt, Rivers state in Nigeria.

Skallah is a Hip-Hop /Afro Pop (which I like to call Jollof music) rapper and songwriter that started his music career in 2003.

I am also an entertainer and entrepreneur currently signed to
Dok Tape Records.

I have worked with some of Port-
Harcourt city entertainment veterans in
the past including Duncan Mighty, Frank
D’Nero, Mthrill,Korkormikor,Dunkishock
Buckwild the Ikwerian, to mention a few.

Music was just another hobby for me
until the release of my single after a while titled
“Where the Money Go” has gone on to enjoy over 100,000 Youtube views in 1 month.

“Where The Money Go?” is a track
inspired by our day-to-day struggles as individuals trying to make ends meet and have a better life.

I am currently working on the launch of my very first EP which will be released in December hopefully.

My most recent single “You Go Live Long” #YGLL: A track
dedicated to celebrating beautiful women all over the world, is OUT NOW listen to #YGLL here.

This will be followed by another single (can’t say the title just right now) featuring Jaywillz.

Stay with me I’m about to give the world
a taste of that sweet Phcity Naija-flavored Jollof music.

Instagram- @skallahskallito (Instagram
https://www.instagram.com//skallahskallito )

Facebook Page- @Officialskallah ( https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087139396542 )

Tiktok- @skallahskallito ( https://www.tiktok.com/@skallahskallito?_t=8X4yMyMZqWk&_r=1 )

Twitter-@skallah ( https://twitter.com/skallah?t=ySs9mB7wzjtecEHf0HJCoA&s=09 )

YouTube – @Skallah ( https://youtube.com/channel/UC41L_rTbO2AxlmM9zJ0zqfQ )

Y.G.L.L (You go live long)- https://youtu.be/rPiEKu3VlmQ

Where the money go- https://youtu.be/EnQqVbkJBDM


Y.G.L.L (You Go Live Long)



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