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Meet UK-based Ugandan fast-rising artist Gilly Muwanga alias Gilly Mu

Gilly Muwanga, commonly known by the stage name Gilly Mu, is a fast-rising Ugandan Dancer, Performing artist, Singer, and Songwriter based in the diaspora representing Uganda.

He was born in the southern region of the United Kingdom in its capital city London.

He studied at Italia Conti and a British school where he was pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Arts degree majoring in Music and Literature. He later graduated successfully after completing the course.

He started his music career a few years ago and since then he has never stopped releasing songs that are dominating the airwaves both on television stations and also radio stations.

Speaking to this website, Gily Mu explained that he started doing music simply because he had a lot of passion for it and he had been inspired by T-pain, the late Micheal Jackson, and James Brown.

Gilly Mu is currently signed to GMM which is a management company for music artists.

He rose to the limelight after releasing his hit song called Waragi which went viral and has been played by several television and radio stations many times.

He has released a couple of collaborations songs with artists such as Pallaso, durdemdartune among many others out there.

Gilly Mu is an inspiration to youths especially young boys out there who would love to join the entertainment industry but most especially the dance industry.


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