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Meet UK-based Ugandan Talented Songwriter And Rapper, Junior

Born to Ugandan parents in South London and raised in Doncaster, Junior is a songwriter and rapper.

Coming from a family of music, picking up a pen and writing lyrics came naturally to Junior.

He has been writing from the age of 13 with inspirations stemming from many genres, mainly 00’s RnB, Rap from any era, and the Afrigo his parents would play in the house.

He enjoys the collaborative process and loves to work alongside other creative minds as you can see from his work with GSD and hear from his work as a part of the duo JxG.

On his latest project “Take Time”, Rapper Junior yet again flexed his creative juices as he came up with a very sweet and nice piece of art on this masterpiece.

He flawlessly rhythmed the beat with a lot of ease just like someone having a stroll on the streets of London catching the amazing scenaries.

Ugandan renowned talent promoter DJ Janny P spotted this talent and is on the wheels of promotion as he looks forward to turning him into one of the sought rappers on the African continent and at the global level.

Listen to the audio of his song and we are certain the visuals will be popping up anytime soon before we wrap up the year;


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