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Men are also victims of domestic violence – Geosteady speaks out

Blackman Entertainment boss Hassan Kigozi alias Geosteady has yet again come out and revealed that men are victims of domestic.
His stand about men being victims of domestic violence came at the back of a tragedy where a sports presenter from Hunter FM in Bushenyi known as Mr. King, real name Allan Mandela, was hacked to death by his girlfriend a few days ago.
Through his social media pages, the “Owooma” crooner stated that time and again he has been saying this but he is always ignored and others take it as a joke while asserting that a woman can kill a man.
He added that once he is in a relationship and love fades away, he doesn’t wait for the situation to go from bad to worse as he decides to move on with his own life.
A Sports presenter identified as Mr. King aka Allan Mandela attached to Bushenyi based Hunter FM has passed on after allegedly being stabbed by his girlfriend a one Mbaine at night.
I Told You “Men Are Also Victims Of Domestic Violence” when we say this many of you take it as a joke but a woman can kill a man with the public always taking it on the other side.
Kale nze sibilinda kutuka wano lwa love nedda mba natemye dda….
When the suspect was arrested, she revealed to police that she hacked her lover to death because he had allegedly infected him with HIV/AIDS.


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