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Miss Uganda 2023 search to be conducted in a ‘Reality TV’ show format

The search for Miss Uganda 2023 beauty queen pageant was launched mid-this week at Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

The good news is that this time around, there will be some positive changes in the 2023 beauty pageant compared to the past editions.

The beauty pageant which is currently ongoing is set to be conducted in a ‘Reality TV’ show format and the search is set to last a period of three months.

Unlike 2017, 2018, and 2019 editions where the organizers did not go to the regions to search for beauty queens, the 2023 beauty pageant is going to have beauty queens from each region of the country.

For that case, the West Nile region has also been added among the regions that will be producing beauty queens after being dispatched from the North region as it was way back then.

The search is set to last only a period of three months and the winner will be crowned on 17th March 2023 as disclosed by Miss Uganda CEO Brenda Nayonjo.

“The campaign is set to last 3 months. The beauty queen will be crowned in March and the contest is on now. The winner will be announced on 17th March.

In the past like three beauty editions/ pageants from 2017, 2018, and 2019 we never went to regions but now we are returning there.

This time around we have added one more region to the list and that is the West Nile region. This is because we have long been asked to put them separately and we decided to do so because they were tired of being mixed with the North region.

And for the first time, we will get Miss Uganda West Nile and we are starting from that side with our campaigns”.

Brenda Nanyonjo

During the pageant launch different former Miss Uganda beauty queens such as the beautiful Stella Nantumbwe, Phiona Bizzu, Leah Kalanguka, and the outgoing queen Elizabeth Kagaya, among others were all in attendance.

At the launch, Miss Uganda boss Brenda Nanyonjo revealed that she has held the license to hold the beauty pageant for 10 years, she decided to celebrate it by organizing it in a ‘Reality TV’ kind-of format as she explained to those who were wondering why she chose to do it that way.

“It has not been an easy ride as you know it but what better way to celebrate the milestone than to bring it back to the people who thought Miss Uganda Show was for only the high-End?”

Nanyonjo thanked all her partners who have given her a hand to hold the beauty pageant for all 10 years and noticed that Miss Uganda has one of the biggest brands in Uganda to work with.


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