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Most female artists slack when asked for collaborations -Shakira Shakiraa

Singer Shakira Shakiraa has explained that it is hard to land a music collaboration with fellow female artists in the Uganda music industry.

Speaking in an interview, the “Mwenye” singer narrates that when some artists are approached and requested to work on a music project together, they slack.

In this way, some pretend as if they have agreed to work with you but in actuality when they are not meaning their words.

She adds that most fear telling the truth that they don’t want to work as they keep on tossing you up and down till you give up on them.

Shakira Shakiraa opened up about her experience in the music industry as she expressed the challenges she has so far encountered.

“most female artists slack when asked to have a collaboration with them. They be fearing that you might steal their shine. Most of the times, one may give u a positive answer yet in real sense they are saying a ‘No’ “, Shakira Shakiraa

She shared the video on her Instagram account.

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