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Mowzey Radio’s Mother Lashes Out At Friends Selling Off The Late Properties

The late Mowzey Radio’s mother, Ms. Kasubo Jane bashed the late singer’s friends who have turned it a habit of selling off the deceased’s property.

Ms. Kasubo Jane came out guns blazing about the issue as people gathered at Kagga in Entebbe where Radio was laid to rest to hold prayers and celebrate his contribution to the music industry.

It should be noted that this week is always dubbed the Radio Week.

This is because it leads from his birthday, 25th January to when he died on 1st February.

Thursday 1st February 2024 marked the 6 years since the Goodlyf singer passed on in unfamiliar circumstances when he was involved in a bar brawl at a hangout in Entebbe.

While commemorating Radio’s legacy,  Ms. Kasubo Jane stressed that she has had to deal with people who are selling off her son’s properties. She pointed out a one Moses Katende who was very close friends with the singer.

“Musicians, please be wary of the people you walk with and think they are close to you. I have heard to deal with such people trying to sell off my son’s assets in particular a one Moses Katende. He connived with my older son, Frank and they go around selling off these assets. It’s only well-wishers who help us save some of these. However, these assets are for my son’s children. I also protect them for my grandkids,” she said.

Moses Katende is a music manager and an actor in the Ebonies. He used to move with the Breath Away singer and knows most of the assets like land he bought in various places.

According to Radio’s mother, he’s been conniving with Frank Ssekibogo, Radio’s older brother. They would go around selling off these things.

Ms Kasubo, therefore, warned musicians about the so-called friends they always move around with and let into their lives. Additionally, it’s always well-wishers who always alert her about these fraudulent sales. Besides, she advised these people to leave her son’s properties alone. They belong to his children and her and he worked hard for them.


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