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Mr. Uganda Nuhu Drops “Ndiwamukisa” Visuals

Singer and Recording artist Mr Uganda Nuhu is here to give fellow musicians a run for their money.

His unique style of music is bound to take many by storm and perhaps leave others questioning where he came from.

Born and bred in Uganda, Mr. Uganda Nuhu discovered his passion for music at a tender age and has been honing his craft ever since then to become a well-established musician.

Throughout his career, Mr Uganda Nuhu has released several singles that have resonated with audiences.

He has songs under his belt which include “Sajjabi” and “Kwata” which are known by many, showcasing his musical prowess. His music is known for its infectious energy and uplifting messages, making him a favorite among fans of various genres.

Mr Uganda Nuhu has bounced back with a new and exciting new track titled “Ndiwamukisa.” This song is a heartfelt expression of his desire to give love another chance.

Through his soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, he beautifully conveys his commitment to cherishing his partner until the end of time.


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