Home News Ms. Angerina Nabakooza who hid Kabaka Sir Muteesa II has died

Ms. Angerina Nabakooza who hid Kabaka Sir Muteesa II has died

The Buganda Kingdom is gutted by the unfortunate news following the passing of the aged Angerina Nabakooza.

The late breathed her last aged 110 years in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Ms. Angerina Nabakooza is most remembered for her heroic act when she hid Buganda Kingdom’s Ssekabaka Sir Edward Muteesa II in 1966 following the late president Milton Obote’s attack at the Lubiri Palace, in Mengo.

The late Ms. Angerina Nabakooza has been a citizen of Lugusuulu, Mawogola where she hid Ssekabaka Muteesa II.

“Kitalo!! Omukadde Angerina Nabakooza eyakweka Ssekabaka Sir Edward Muteesa II mu 1966 Obote bweyalumba Olubiri afudde!!. Ono afiiridde ku gy’obukulu 110. Nnaabakooza abadde mutuuze ku kyalo Lugusuulu mu ssaza Mawogola era eno gyeyakweka Ssekabaka Muteesa II”. #BBSAgeesigika

The details concerning her burial arrangements and the cause of her passing will be revealed later.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace!

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