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Mudra Is Irreplaceable – Ava Peace Assures Critics

Singer Ava Peace has cleared the air about her relationship with fellow singer Mudra D Viral following allegations that the pair’s friendship is seemingly on the rocks.

In a way to put the rumors to bed, Ava Peace took to her socials and made it clear by stating that Mudra is irreplaceable in her life and she doesn’t want anyone to be comparing him with any other man.

Mudra and Peace started being so close last year. The two said they had been friends for a while but Peace’s manager brought them closer.

When she was graduating, Mudra gifted her a song and that officially opened her doors into the limelight after years of being very close.

The two put in all their efforts and pushed the song with her until it broke through the media.

Because of this closeness, there was a rumor that the two were dating.

According to Ava Peace, Mudra is her best friend and he knows everything about her. She said the singer has been there for her in everything and she takes nothing for granted.

The talented singer also said she is tired of people talking about Mudra and comparing him to other men she moves with. She said fans should leave Mudra alone, no one will ever change the relationship between them.

“Era Mudra Nio nio🙄. Please stop! Enough is enough! Leave the man to be. Meanwhile me and @Mudradviral are just like 5&6. No one can change that. No one should ever compare him with anyone. Mudra is irreplaceable,” she said.

It should be noted that these two have a chemistry that’s visible to anyone with eyes. One can tell that they are madly in love.

However, with the stunts celebrities are known to pull off, we may be fooled into concluding something is real yet it’s not.


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