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My Album With Julian Kanyomozi Didn’t Make Us Any Money – Iryn Namubiru

Celebrated songster Iryn Namubiru has opened up about how she and Juliana Kanyomozi didn’t make money from the music album they recorded together.

Before the two artists went solo, they first worked together as a duo and dropped some songs in the 1990s.

Iryn Namubiru and Juliana Kanyomozi recorded a six-track album but it didn’t work out well though both were talented musicians and vocally gifted.

Thereafter, Iryn Namubiru got plans to move to France which materialized.

The duo had been singing together at Sabrina’s Pub for a while, but when Frank Morel, Iry Namubiru’s baby daddy, wanted her to move with him to France. So, she decided to record an album with Juliana Kanyomozi before leaving.

The album, recorded under their singing duo I-Jay, never made any money for both.

Iryn Namubiru made the revelation while speaking to Ibrah Mukasa when he asked her how they shared their earnings.


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