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Naira Ali reveals how she lost Shs500M to fraudsters to help her upload music


Self-proclaimed Purple Chord vocal goddess Naira Ali disclosed that she lost a whopping Shs500M to fraudsters in the process of wanting to help her upload music and make money on streaming Apps.

She opened up her loss of such huge sums of money to fraudsters as she was speaking in an interview on NTV The Beat show where she was advising artists not to be conned by people pretending to be helping upload their music on streaming Apps.

Let no one deceive you that they are helping you upload your music and helping you make money. The person who promised to help me ripped me off 500$

Naira Ali also appreciated local talent saying that if artists had the resources she has in the US, they would be big stars world over.

She further revealed that she is planning to release an international album at the start of next year starting with a new music project set to drop a few weeks from now.

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