Home News Nameless’ Instagram account with 1.2 Million followers Hacked

Nameless’ Instagram account with 1.2 Million followers Hacked

Those who closely follow legendary singer David Mathenge alias Nameless on Instagram should kindly at the moment disregard any posts coming from the singer’s account. Wahu Kagwi the wife to Nameless has warned.

The announcement has been made public after the singer’s account which commands over 1.2 million followers was hacked.

Wahu Kagwi also stressed how they are trying each and every means possible to recover the account.

Hey fam. NAMELESS INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED. We are working to resolve the issue but for now please disregard any posts coming from Nameless Kenya account.

Wahu Kagwi

Since Nameless’ account was taken over by hackers, they have been posting football-related content and in one of the posts have been accompanied by the Flag of Iraq.

In this day and age, Social media has become a very lucrative business especially to those with a huge following.

Celebrities are privileged to have millions of followers since people have their noses poked in their lives, wanting to know every move they make and their lifestyle. Big numbers on social media help them get endorsements and advertising, something that generates them lots of money.

So when such accounts are hacked, celebrities are usually left in deep losses and mourning.

Sorry Nameless about the loss of your account!

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