Home Gossip Never Hack Your Man’s Phone- Irene Ntale’s Advice To Women

Never Hack Your Man’s Phone- Irene Ntale’s Advice To Women

Songster Irene Ntale has cautioned fellow women against checking through their spouses’ mobile phones.

Her advice is believed to have come from a reality check that could have probably happened to her or one of her close friends who might have been brokenhearted in the few past days.

“Ladies and I repeat ladies. Never hack your man’s phone!! Have you heard??!!!” She said.

Irene Ntale is one of the single artists whose relationship status has over the years left her followers unsure whether she is dating or not.

Upon sharing the advice, she triggered different opinions from fellow ladies who argued that the same should apply to the men as well.

Checking through each other partner’s phone has led to the collapse of many relationships backed by the fact that when one finds sweet love messages from someone else, a quarrel or a fight could be sparked.

However, others appreciated Irene Ntale for the message and said that privacy is a key ingredient in a relationship. What they have not seen is not theirs to divulge into.


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