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Nina Roz opens up about her struggles with depression

It’s now a public secret that singer Nina Roz is facing one of the acid tests of her life ever since her relationship with Daddy Andre hit a hard rock bearly lasting even a year.

Taking to her Instagram account over the weekend after a videoshoot for her new song, the singer revealed how she is struggling to keep a afloat in the showbiz indsutry.

Nina Roz disclosed that she is struggling with depression while in excitement after having a successful videoshoot that she didn’t think that she would make it.

She then thanked God for having enabled her to make it and also thanked her management team for the support that they have rendered to her in all the hard times she has faced.

To be honest its quite challenging to focus while going through depression and come out strong and happy but I thank the Lord Almighty, everyone that was with me on set yesterday, thank you for your efforts, my team.

Nina Roz

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