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Not End of The Road! Flavia Tumusiime Still At Capital FM Despite End of Midmorning show

Celebrated media personality Flavia Tumusiime has announced that her tenure as the Capital FM Uganda’s ‘Mid-Morning’ show host will come to an end tomorrow (Wednesday 31st, August 2022).

Through a lengthy post on her Instagram account, Flavia Tumusiime thanked her bosses who availed the opportunity during her teenage age to work with the media outlet.

She explains that the journey has been a “life and career-changing experience” for her since embarked on the role in 2006.

She thanked her listeners and friends for their continued support and love throughout the years she has been the midmorning show host.

Flavia Tumusiime also assured her that despite the fact that she won’t be hosting the midmorning show again, she will still continue working with Capital in another field.

“Tomorrow 31st August will be my final show @capitalfmuganda for the mid-morning show. Its been a life and career-changing experience for me since 2006.

The time has come again for me to stretch my potential and see what else I can become.

They took a teenager with excitement and passion and empowered me to be the best.
Allow the humble brag that we pulled the best English midmorning show in the country consistently all these years. Bravo.

Thank you for your patience, guidance, and tremendous support over these years.

To my best friends and companions on the show, the LISTENER, I’m lost for words.
Thank you for accepting me and connecting with me for so long and for allowing me to grow over the years.

This is the end of the road for me on the midmorning show BUT certainly not the end for me @capitalfmuganda. I’ll be back in another capacity sooner than you think”, Flavia Tumusiime.


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