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NTV’s Etania Mutoni turns on Chike after gyrating her booty on his groin

We all agree that Nigerian singer Chike put up a splendid and electrifying show last night at Serena hotel, Kampala during the “A Night With Chike”.

The crowd was seen enjoying each and every vibe that artists who graced the show put up from Levixone, Zulitums, to Daddy Andre and others.

There were a couple of highlights and moments that took revellers by surprise.

The highlight that mostly caught everybody’s attention is when NTV’s Mutoni Etania, out of too much excitement took to stage to have a dance and a selfie with Chike.

Decked in a very skimpy outfit, Etania gyrated her booty on Chike’s groin and didn’t leave him the same as she ran away for her dear life upon feeling the Nigerian singer’s machine gun getting hard on her.

Chike, who was left looking like someone having a stolen bottle in his pants, wisely continued with his performance pretending like he was very fine.

Watch video below:

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