Home News NTV’s Raymond Mujuni’s wife Ritah Kanya reportedly pregnant

NTV’s Raymond Mujuni’s wife Ritah Kanya reportedly pregnant

Gossip reports reaching our news desk indicate that NTV’s Raymond Mujuni’s wife Ritah Kanya is reportedly heavily pregnant as the couple is expecting to welcome their first child together.

Ritah Kanya and Raymond Mujuni held their matrimonial marriage ceremony over the weekend, and our snoops with eagle eyes where able to stop the formers baby bump through her gown as she marched.

Though the baby bump was spotted, however, we are still not certain how old the pregnacy could be but according to reports it is believed that soon and very soon, the couple could give birth early next year.

Kanya and Mujuni officially declared their romance earlier this year after months of chewing each other secretly.

A few days to their wedding, Mujuni pulled off a surprise bridal shower for Rita little did we know that the lovebirds have more surprises in stock.

The strategic Mujuni was introduced by Kanya recently, months after visiting her parents’ home in a Kinyarwanda traditional ceremony dubbed “Gufata Irembo”.

Well, we wish the couple the all the best in their marriage.


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