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Nubian Li Narrates The Times Bobi Wine Has Always Been There For Jose Chameleone

Firebase crew Vice President Nubian Li has come out and disclosed that his boss and singing partner Bobi Wine has always been there for fellow singers, Dr. Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool but more especially for Chameleone.

In an interview on NBS TV hosted by Tuff B, Bobi Wine was informed about how Chameleone and Bebe Cool were unhappy about shunning the Leone Island boss’ “Gwanga Mujje” concert.

Bobi Wine responded by asking whether anyone has ever seen Chameleone coming to fight for him for the time he’s been banned from singing.

Nubian Li was also asked about his opinion on this matter. The Firebase long-serving member said that Chameleone would have found out why Bobi skipped before concluding.

Nubian went ahead to explain that Bobi Wine is always too busy to the extent that he also sometimes fails to find him.

Nubian added that besides the self-styled ghetto gladiator has always been there for the Leone Island boss. He cited how Bobi Wine was there for Chameleone when he allegedly fell off a storied building.

The Kiwani singer even once escaped from a show and went to pick up Chameleone and brought him.

Bobi Wine was also there for Bebe Cool when he got shot despite being in a beef. These musicians can’t, therefore, claim that Bobi Wine has not been there for them.

“I think Chameleone would have found out why Bobi Wine didn’t show up before making conclusions. Sometimes I also can’t seem to find him when I need him because he’s so busy. And on top of that, they can’t say that he’s not been there for them. He was there for Chameleone when his legs got broken after he fell off a storied building.”

“We one day had a show in Kitintale and looked around for Bobi but couldn’t find him. A few moments later we saw him pushing Chameleone in a wheelchair. He told him that he couldn’t stay home alone and had to be here doing ragga since it’s what we earned from then. In the middle of the show he told fans he had a surprise and brought him on stage,” said Nubian Li.

Meanwhile, Bobi Wine stung the two, Bebe Cool and Chameleone during this interview. The singer and politician said that he’s been better than the two for the last 20 years in several aspects.

These are academic, musical, philosophical, physical, and financial.


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