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Nubian Li takes on counselor’s role in Kitalya prison

Firebase crew Vice President Bukeni Ali a.k.a Nubian Li has reportedly taken on the counselor’s role in Kitalya prison.

The update was revealed by his longtime friend and National Unity Platform principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine via his social media pages.

Bobi Wine made the revelation after a number of returnees from Kitalya who were arrested with Nubian Li narrated to him how stressed and heartbroken fellow inmates always approach him for encouragement and counseling.

They have told me that you are now a counselor – some comrades come to you at the verge of despair and you encourage them to remain strong and hopeful in the face of impunity, injustice, and uncertainty.

I am strengthened by the fact that when we took this path, we fully understood the risks and challenges that lay ahead. May you continue being strong for the sake of everybody

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine went on to assure Nubian Li how the party is doing everything within its power to secure the release of all those at Kitalya.

Nubian Li and many other NUP supporters were in December 2020 arrested in Kalangala when their presidential candidate had taken there his campaign.

Nubian Li and other 20 National Unity Platform supporters were charged with being in illegal possession of a fire arm among other charges on December 2020.

They were charged before the court martial and sent to Kitalya. Some of the group members have since been granted bail, while others remain in jail.


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