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Nyege Nyege 2022: Pleasure Seekers Express Mixed Reactions at Day One of The Popular Festival

Pleasure seekers worldwide have thronged Uganda for the Nyege Nyege festival 2022 after a successful ceasefire between the event organizers and parliamentarians.

People started arriving for the event on Thursday, anticipating that the Sunday-long event would be enjoyable and one to remember.

As of Tuesday evening, tickets for the whole event were going for 250,000 Ugandan shillings and based on reports we are getting, it is reported that the price has somehow increased since they’re now very limited.

Considering that most hotels had been fully booked, the event organisers offered accommodation to revellers travelling from far and beyond.

This included tents, mattresses and other toiletries. However, this morning, social media has seen mixed reactions from revellers sharing what they experienced on the first day, with the majority sharing dissatisfaction.

Prime Minister of Uganda, Robinah Nabbanja cleared the Nyege Nyege festival that has been cancelled by parliamentarians.

The lawmakers had cancelled the event, claiming it was going against the morals of Uganda, but the new direction by the PM saw the four-day event continue but under strict supervision.

Social media users expressed joy, with some wondering why they wanted to do away with the festival rather than embrace diversity.

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