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Oscar Bigtym Critically Ill, Cries Out for Help

When singer Bruno K tried to take special care of struggling and faded singer Oscar Bigtym, the latter turned out to be a snake to the former.

Oscar Bigtym accused Bruno K of stealing the money that was donated to him by the public in an effort to improve his living standards.

In the heat of the accusations, he left Bruno K’s home and took his own route.

He is now back pleading for help as he is battling a deadly disease that he has suffered with for some time.

In a new video that was shared online by blogger Jose, Oscar is seen begging Ugandans for help while at Iran Uganda Hospital, where he had gone to get treatment.

Oscar revealed that he is currently nursing various diseases like smelly feet and T.B, but he can’t foot his medical bills since he is financially unstable even though others say that he has HIV Aids.

He has reappeared after over 10 months of estrangement from Bruno K but is in a highly concerning health state.

In November 2021, photos of Oscar surfaced on the internet, depicting him in a deplorable state. When Bruno came across images of the ex-singer, he joined forces with other well-wishers to help Oscar recover.

Oscar was immediately rushed to the hospital, before securing accommodation and taking him to a recording booth in a bid to revive his music career.


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