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Pallaso put on the spot over plagiarizing Sheik Manala’s “Mwana Munage” in “Kiliza”

Team Good Music singer Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso has been put on the spot by comedian and singer Sheik Manala for copying and pasting his “Mwana Munage” song to create “Kiliza”.

Sheik Manala exposed Pallaso while appearing on Urban TV when he played both songs sounding similar and partly with the same lyrics.

Sheik Manala went on to reveal that he recording his song in 2015 at Producer Eddy Dee’s studio but when he performed at a certain function in Pallaso’s presence, he fell in love with the song and applauded him for having a nice jam.

Years later down the road, Pallaso without Sheik Manala’s consent went to studio and did a song very similar to his and when the latter contacted the formers manager Karm Iven about the matter, he instead just undermined him and negatively responded to him.

Sheik Manala then contacted Pallaso on the matter through his WhatsApp contatct but he instead left him on blue tick.

Having been treated in such a disrespectful manner Sheik Manala decided to expose the Pallaso and his crew through media.

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