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Pallaso subjected to community work in Masaka town after turning up late for a show

Singer Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso was today (Tuesday 15th) subjected to community work in Masaka town for showing up late for a show he was booked to perform at.

Pallaso was scheduled to perform at Maria Flo Hotel in Masaka for revellers who had turned up in mammoth numbers to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

When his time came to show up on stage, he was no where to be seen and this got the crowd angry.

When the crowd was about to riot, he made a grand entry at around 2am very late in the night when many had got fed up.

In a way to ask for forgiveness, he and his close crew members took to Masaka streets and swept them clean apologizing for his late coming.

Below is his apology in full.

“To all my fans in Masaka, I sincerely apologize for making it late for the show last night. I understand why you ran out of patience and the situation went out of hand.

It was my fault and I am truely sorry. I have swept a few streets with my friends downtown Masaka today to remind you that I am your son and you mean the world to me.

I can’t be anything without you. I hope my apology will bring you nearer to me. I am so sorry for hurting you. Forgive me please”, Pallaso wrote .

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