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Pastor Andrew Jjengo sued over breach of child support agreement

This week, Pastor Andrew Jjengo faced the wrath of his stepmom who got him behind bars on Tuesday over breach of child support agreement they had set.

Pastor Jjengo, turned lead pastor at Revival Church Kawala was dragged to the courts of law for failing to take care of his siblings as he had agreed with his stepmom that he would be providing family support worth Shs100k per week.

That meant that he would be sending Shs400k to the family per month as money for feeding with rent and school fees not inclusive. The first few weeks, he fulfilled the pledge but as time went by, he shunned his responsibility.

His setpmom who is currently jobless without money for rent, was forced to seek for his arrest till he was arraigned before court whereby her lawyers asked that the late Pastor Yiga’s property be sold and the money got be given to the beneficiaries and bring an end to all the wrangles.

For now, we wait to hear what Jjengo and the court will decide since no official communication has been released.

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