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Pastor Irene Manjeri confirms wanting to end a relationship with husband over death threats and infidelity

Bethel Healing Center Church leader, Nalongo Pastor Irene Manjeri has confirmed that she is willing and ready to end her 27-year-old relationship with hubby Dr. Vincent Katongole over death threats and infideliy.

Pastor Irene Manjeri spoke out about quitting her relationship with her baby daddy while lamenting on a series of events that her husband has been taking her through.

The 51-year-old senior pastor regretted the time she wasted on Dr. Katongole and even made her not to give birth to at least a child as she is aging.

She went on to spill scerets of how Dr. Katongole and his new lover have for a long time threatened to hire thugs to hack her to death.

She disclosed that whenever she used to sleep in the same house with Dr. Katongole she always slept with an AK-47 rifle in order to be sure of her safety.

I even gave birth to twins for them, eh you’ll remember me for that and know that I had meaning to you. I was a very good woman who brought luck into your life but God will continue to bless me.They just told me that he is even making plans to marry. He wasted my years, you never know I would have gotten myself a child of old age.

Irene Manjeri

Manjeri is ready to move out of her marriage after her husband brought home three children he sired from three different women behind her back.

Manjeri who was heard crying out in a leaked audio is obviously nursing a broken heart after her husband choosing another woman over her with rumor having it that the two are planning to wed in 2022.

She pleaded to the two to wed peacefully without harming her saying she loves her dear life.

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