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Pastor Martin Ssempa Claims His Mother Was Advised To Abort Him But Kept The Pregnancy

Makerere Community Church Pastor, Martin Ssempa recently narrated how his mother was advised to abort him. This was because she had been made pregnant by an Indian man.

Pastor Ssempa’s mother was further told that it would not be good to have a child with an Indian man.

She, however, refused to heed this advice and kept the pregnancy.

Pastor Ssempa went on to explain that he had to fight rejection from a very young age. This is because he was told that he was unwanted. However, God loved him and has always been on his side.

“My mother was told to have an abortion rather than have a child with an Indian, but she refused. I have had to fight rejection since childhood, being told that I was unwanted. However, God does love me,” the pastor said.

Besides, Pastor Martin Ssempa was born in Masaka and his father was never revealed to him for all his existence. According to the Pastor, he believes his father is one of those Indians who were expelled by Idi Amin in 1971.

As if his prejudices weren’t enough, he was soon encountered by those relating to his wife, Tracy Ssempa. She’s a white woman and when the Pastor asked her to marry him, she accepted.

However, they faced a lot of challenges due to the differences in their races. But they stuck together and now have 4 children together. Ssempa is very vocal and critical of homosexuality, a vice he believes shouldn’t be accepted in Uganda.


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