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Pastor Mondo Mugisha accused of child neglect by baby mama Sarah Nakuya

Pastor Mondo Mugisha is again on the spot over issues related to child neglect.

The controversial city pastor who is based in Nairobi, Kenya is being accused by his 28-year-old baby mama Sarah Nakuya.

Speaking to Bukedde TV, Ms. Nakuya explained that ever since she sired a baby with Pastor Mondo, he has only sent in child support funds on only countable times.

Having school resumed after two years of lock down, with their child going to Primary six, Ms. Nakuya came out calling upon Pastor Mondo to send her child support funds so that their child can return to school.

She narrated that before Pastor Mondo flee Uganda over conspiracy charges, she had dragged him to Police and got summoned three times.

The first two summons, Pastor Mondo didn’t respond to them but showed up on the third occasion and promised to extend support of Shs300k per month.

He only met his promise twice and for the past three years, Nakuya narrated that she didn’t receive any penny from the ‘Man of Gad’.

Ms. Nakuya has now called upon the Prime Minister Hon. Robbinah Nabanjja and Deputy speaker Anitah Among to intervention into her issue so as to have her child return to school.

She also requested for the arrest of Pastor Mondo Mugisha wherever he could be and get penalized for neglecting to take care of his child.

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