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Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi Logs Out Of Sanyu FM

Comedian Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi has waved goodbye to listeners and followers from urban radio station, Sanyu FM, we have learnt.

Patrick Salvado joined Sanyu FM in 2020 during the hard times of COVID-19 pandemic that had struck the world that brought about the halting of shows and gathering of crowds.

The pandemic left performers, entertainers, and football games with no chance of making money after a lock on Events and Music shows.

He joined the Morning Breakfast show alongside Deedan and Yvonne. However, since the economy fully opened he has been missing his shows on Sanyu FM because of his frequent travels in and out of the country to perform comedy in different places.

He then felt it was wise for him to tender in his resignation instead of always being absent from the morning show.

“I felt my absence, due to my many lined up travels to do comedy, would be bad for the show, hence this heavy and painful but necessary decision,”


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