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Paul Owor promises to reveal babe who cheated on him 50 times in a year

Former Busiro County South MP contestant Paul Owor is planning to share a story with his followers about how his ex-lover cheated on him 50 times in a year.

The singer made the promise via his Twitter account and also promised to tag the babe in a series of tweets that he will share as he gives details of his love life.

I will tell you a story of a girl who cheated on me 50 times in one year.

Paul Owor’s tweet sent some of his followers into quick calculations as one of his followers who goes by the Twitter account @ChrisOchen did some simple maths as he divided 365days by 50 times of cheating and got an answer of 7.3.

Simple maths 365 days in a year /50 cheats. = 7.3 meaning she cheated at least once a week Looking at Timing + communication x mutual attraction – emotional baggage = intimacy. It means this hypothesis is null and void literally she was caring to imagine just once a week

When asked how he got to know that her babe cheated on him 50 times in a year, Paul Owor revealed that he hacked her phone.

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