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Police hunt for socialite Sipapa on theft allegations

The Uganda Police Force is hunting for city socialite Charles Olim a.k.a Sipapa on theft allegations.

Based on the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, Sipapa with a few of his friends stole items and belongings from a South Sudanese known as Jacob Alopu.

However, the valuables that Sipapa and his friends stole from the South Sudanese citizen are not yet established but what we can confirm is that they also made off with lots of Jacob Alopu’s money worth 1.6b.

Apparently, Police have arrested his wife Sasha Shamirah Nakiyimba, and four others who are in custody.

The Police arrested Sipapa’s wife Shamirah and the four others to aid them in the investigations concerning the case.

“Omwogezi wa poliisi mu ggwanga, Fred Enanga ategeezezza bannamawulire nga bwebali ku muyiggo gwa Charles Sunday Olim amanyiddwa nga Sipapa ku bigambibwa nti aliko munnansi wa South Sudan Jacob Alopu gweyabbyeko ebintu eby’enjawulo omuli ne ssente enkalu. Poliisi ekutte abantu 4 okuli ne mukyala we Shamirah Nakiyimba bayambeko mukunoonyereza n’okuzuula gy’ali. Ebirala mu #BBSKawunyemu” 

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