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PREGNANT AGAIN: Godfrey Kirumira Alleges Rema Is Expecting Second Child With Hubby, Dr. Hamza

Reports coming through from Dr. Hamza Sebunyaz’s household indicate that singer Rema Namakula is anytime from now expecting to welcome their second child.

The report was made by Dr. Sebunya’s guardian and chairman of the Kwagalana Group, Mr. Godfrey Kirumira disclosing that Rema has lately been vomiting which is a sign of having a ban bake in her oven.

Mr. Godfrey Kirumira went ahead to note that a mega wedding between the two will be happening for Rema and her husband in the near future as they promised.

He went on to disclose that the wedding was only delayed by the 2020 Covid pandemic that sent the whole world to its knees thus bringing businesses to a standstill.

Kirumira added that they are as excited about it as the public.

Rema and Dr. Hamza’s marriage is currently going so well and a wedding is on the corner. We are as excited about it as their fans. It would have already happened if it wasn’t for COVID-19. We had planned for Rema to spend about 5 years in the music business and retire. However, because of COVID-19, we added 10 more to compensate for the time. They have decided to first develop themselves as holy marriage comes along. They have a beautiful family and Rema these days vomits a lot. So we are awaiting another bundle of joy. When she retires from music, she will look after Dr. Hamza. He looks so good these days because of her,” said Kirumira.

Having the pandemic destabilized everything, Mr. Kirumira also hinted about how he added Rema 10 more years into the music industry since he had given her an ultimatum of five to years to quit.

After this, she will have to settle home and be a housewife. He also appreciated her for looking after the husband because he looks so good these days.


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