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Presidential Advisor Bucha Man evicted from Ghetto State Pad over failure to pay rent

Former Fire Base Crew singer-turned-presidential advisor Mark Bugembe alias Bucha Man and his family have been thrown out of the Ghetto State Lodge based in Luwafu Parish, Makindye over failure to foot rent arrears.

The “Abakyala Bagala ki” singer was evicted for failure to clear rent arrears for a period of six months by the area’s chief defense person Mr. Ssempija Ruben Kalekezi.

According to Kalekezi, narrated that before Bucha Man was forced out of the Ghetto State Lodge, he was first served with a notice asking him to clear rent for the three months he had over stayed but he declined.

He was then given a grace period of three more months making it six in total but still failed to raise money to clear the arrears.

So, as he was getting into the seventh month of not paying rent, the owner of the home ordered Kalekezi to forcefully evict him which he successfully did.

When asked if Bucha Man left the house in good condition as it was handed to him, he replied saying he did so adding that paying rent for the past years it has also been a cat and mose chase.

This is not the first time Bucha Man has failed to pay rent arrears, It should be recalled that sometime back his former landlord Mr. Kawooya in Nameere, Namugongo accused the singer of failing to pay rent and noted that he had to use force to evict him.

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