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Prince Omar in hot soup, accused by ex-lover Esther Nalubega of child neglect

Singer Prince Omar is yet again in another child neglect scandal as his ex-lover Esther Nalubega accused him of failing to take care of their child.

Nalubega claims that she met Prince Omar through Facebook and the two had a pretty good time together and became an item early 2020 during the lockdown.

Their relatonship matured to the level that the two sirred a baby girl they named Namukose Faridah.

Before giving birth to their baby girl, Prince Omar requested Nalubega to abort the child at 8 months which she declinded to do.

When she gave birth Prince Omar sent in some financial help to the baby but though it was always a struggle. Now she has called upon Omar to extend her support for the child as she can no longer afford to take full care of the child alone.

It should be remembered that a few weeks back, Grace Khan came out and accused Prince Omar of denying her pregnancy.

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